About Novem Inn & Holidays

After a long journey towards Sylhet, who will like to take another walk to the hotel? No way, no one will get such energy to do so. Be cool. To reduce your worry, we are here with our luxurious Novem Inn & Holidays to serve you with all the needed facilities.

We have got all the world's best amenities to make your tour enjoyable and unforgettable. People usually look for a hotel near Sylhet Mazar. Besides, they also love to get an accommodation hotel near Sylhet airport. Our hotel has obtained 10 minutes of walking distance for Sylhet Mazar. It is also quite near Sylhet airport, and you will require 10 minutes reaching by car. You maybe think about the Sylhet hotel price, but do not worry, and we will be quite affordable for you. Some hotels you will find that Sylhet hotel rent is quite high. In that case, we are quite different from them.

You know what; our vision is to provide you better at the lowest possible cost in comparison with our competitors. In our hotel, you will get world-class amenities along with technological facilities. The whole has got Wi-Fi facilities centrally. Besides, the rooms are well-furnished for getting modern equipment. You will find a team of trained staff who are ready 24/7 to ensure quality service for you.

Uninterrupted power supply and an extensive security system will provide your firmness of staying. Our dining will amazingly satisfy your taste buds. So, Novem Inn & Holidays is the perfect place for both the family tour and business conference. Hope to welcome you soon.



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